About Texarkana

About Texarkana

In Texarkana you will find a blending of two great cultures...where the south meets the west! Geographically located on the border of Texas and Arkansas, Texarkana is composed of two cities with the same name. The Texarkana cities are unique in that they are connected by a man made line-State Line Avenue, which runs through the center of Texarkana.

Texarkana has a rich historical tapestry of southern charm and wild west spirit. Thanks to its blend of historical and architectural treasures, natural beauty, and conveniences unique to a metropolitan area, Texarkana has a vibrant growing future.

Texarkana's industrial base is broadly diversified. Manufacturing employment has shown steady gains over the past 40 years.

The diversity of products from manufacturing in the metropolitan Texarkana area verifies the availability of a trainable work force.

Recently listed as the nation's second fastest growing city with less than 500,000 population, Texarkana was also ranked number 26 among small cities for families to relocate. Texas A&M University has a new campus under construction which will be completed in various stages over the next few years. A new interstate highway running from New Orleans to Oklahoma City promises to bring even more industry and commerce to our city.

Texarkana has some of the best schools in the states of Texas and Arkansas and boasts many state titles in a variety of sports.