After 130 years commonwealth is still making history

In 1876, a group of conveyancers met in a small office in Philadelphia to incorporate one of the world's first title insurance companies, The Real Estate Title Insurance Company of Philadelphia. Later that year they issued the first modern title insurance policy -- and an industry was born.

You know that company today as Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company. And from that modest beginning during America's Gilded Age, Commonwealth has been a leader in making title insurance a key to realizing the dream of property owership for individuals and businesses alike.

Over more than 130 years, we've withstood depressions and panics, booms and busts, and times of war and peace. And now we're stronger than ever before.

In late 2008, Commonwealth joined the Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (NYSE: FNF) family of companies, which collectively represent the largest title insurance and escrow services company in the world. You'll be doing business with the same people you've know and trusted for years, but with the knowledge that your real estate transactions are backed by Fidelity - the #1 leader in financial strength.


At Fidelity, commitment is not just a word--it's a conviction. We take pride in our desire to serve our customers to the best of our ability. The quality of Fidelity's customer service and the level of employee loyalty and commitment are enhanced by our employee stock ownership. Stock ownership serves as a motivational force for Fidelity employees who recognize the Company's success is dependent upon their efforts and contributions.
Fidelity employees uphold the six corporate precepts upon which the Company was founded:

  • Bias For Action
  • Autonomy and Entrepreneurship
  • Employee Ownership
  • Minimal Bureaucracy
  • Close Customer Relationships
  • Highest Standard of Conduct